GAM111 – Conventions

At the beginning of a class in the late half of the trimester, our class had spoken about Steve attending a Unity convention and learning how to make things and the latest version of Unity and it’s cool features. With this it got me thinking of the importance of conventions, it’s many ways of use and the message to be received. Whether it be showing off new software, magazines, speaking to a cast of actors/directors, showing comics, cosplaying, gaming and the future for it, everything holds a valuable place at the conventions and what they are capable of doing and who they can unify.


Focusing towards the gaming side, the largest gaming convention displayed each year is the classic E3. E3 is important towards the future of gaming as it displays new and upcoming games, whether it be the next Call Of Duty game or a preview of Watch Dogs and it’s key features. The press conferences are jam packed with info regarding these new games and some new features and stories of the gaming company, extremely informative and provide crazy things. Places like E3 are incredible, and while the big stage almost always presents the top companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Bethesda, Naughty Dog, etc. there are small companies that will be within the booths of the conventions showing off their tricks to the crowds in a way of orientation. There also conventions such as Comic Con and Gamescon where you can also meet actors of comic movies and learn about their experiences. They’re great places to go if you want to get a greater insight of the career you want.








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